NSW Public Service Commission Named Disability Confident Recruiter

Mon 23 July 2018

Anita Hawtin from NSW Public Service Commission accepting the Disability Confident Recruiter certificate from a representative from the Australian Network on Disability

Image: Anita Hawtin (left), Principal Advisor of Recruitment Programs at NSW Public Service Commission, accepting the Disability Confident Recruiter certificate. 

Motivated by their commitment to create the most desirable, forward-thinking workforce imaginable, NSW Public Service Commission (PSC) has achieved the status of Disability Confident Recruiter (DCR).

The Australian Network on Disability’s DCR program helps organisations identify and remove unintended barriers to inclusive recruitment. It builds an organisation’s confidence and capability to attract and support skilled candidates with disability.

Catherine Grummer, NSW PSC Assistant Commissioner, said she was extremely proud of the achievement.

‘The PSC is extremely proud of being named a Disability Confident Recruiter. The DCR Program provided a great avenue for us to look at any obstacles in our recruitment process and find ways to overcome them. We try to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of the people we serve, and we do so by constantly learning, and applying these lessons to our everyday lives at work.

‘We understand that all disabilities – like everything else in life – exist along a spectrum. This means that, if a current or potential employee has a disability, we make an effort to meet them wherever they are along that spectrum, and to empower and enable them to be the best versions of themselves. This starts during recruitment and continues well into employment.’

As part of the DCR program, the PSC reviewed their internal hiring processes, as well as how they hire within the NSW Government Graduate Program and NSW Public Service Recruitment Pools.

Since starting the DCR program, the PSC has created a process to facilitate all candidate requests and has started capturing candidates’ preferred methods of communication. They’ve rolled out online disability confidence training, optimised their online application forms and ensured accessibility of the PSC website. Even teams not directly involved in the organisation’s recruitment programs have responded positively to the initiative and genuinely wanted to contribute to its success.

The PSC’s next step is an organisation-wide awareness campaign that reflects on lessons learned from the DCR program and what it means to uphold the status of Disability Confident Recruiter moving forward.

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Australian Network on Disability, Disability Confident Recruiter March 2018-19

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