Information for managers and employees receiving support from DES

Wed 9 January 2013

The Australian Government recently held a competitive tender to re-allocate some Disability Employment Services (DES) contracts to higher performing services. Arrangements are in place for Disability Employment Services participants and providers. As the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) do not have information about specific managers or supervisors of affected employees, we are providing information to members. 

Just under one-third of Disability Employment Services (DES) will no longer have their contract with DEEWR. Some employees who receive ongoing support from a DES will be transitioned to a new service.  The transition period ends on 3 March 2013. There will be a post-transition support period from 4 March to the end of May 2013. DEEWR have an information line which is 1800 805 260.

You can also link to a DEEWR video to find out more.

The objective of transition is a smooth transfer with minimal disruption to employees with disability and their supervisors. 

Where ongoing support for an employee is being transferred to a new provider, it is an ideal opportunity to develop a Support Plan.

The purpose of the Disability Employment Service’s ongoing support is to maintain job durability by:

  • gaining an understanding of the employee’s areas of job satisfaction and or challenges
  • understanding the employee’s satisfaction with their co-worker and supervisor relationships
  • identifying whether there are any non-vocational challenges that the employee is facing so that assistance can be provided
  • liaising with the supervisor to understand their satisfaction with the employee’s work performance and discuss any concerns they may have 
  • identifying any gaps in work quality, work rate and achievement of the requirements of the role
  • identifying  any opportunities for skill development
  • reviewing the employee’s position description and the last performance report.


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