Medibank – going from strength to strength in access and inclusion

Wed 5 June 2019

Man working at his computer, which shows a zoomed version of Outlook and other applications. Image source: Medibank Accessibility and Inclusion Plan 2018-2021

Recognised as a Top Performer in the Australian Network on Disability’s 2018-19 Access and Inclusion Index, Medibank has taken great strides to improve accessibility and inclusion of people with disability. 

Medibank has participated in the Index since 2016 and has used the tool to make remarkable progress across all ten key areas of business. In 2018-19, they took their place as one of Australia’s three leading organisations, alongside IBM and the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Medibank Employee Listening Lead Nigel Davis said:

“When we looked deeper, we realised we had much more to do when it came to accessibility and inclusion for people with disability. The Index provided us with a detailed analysis of where we should focus our efforts, which helped with planning.”

Nigel believes getting support from senior leaders is key to changing company culture around inclusion, with the Index providing a solid case for change.

“It showed us how we compared to other organisations. It was clear we had to do more. We took a whole-of-business approach, with the goal of putting inclusion and access for employees and customers at the front of mind.”

As part of accessibility and inclusion planning, forums were held involving leaders and people with disability.

Medibank Head of Culture and Inclusion Craig Frost said:

“This was critical. We needed to hear directly from employees and customers with disability. They told us about their recruitment, employee and customer experiences, giving us more clarity on where we needed to go.”  

One of the most important steps Medibank took was to address and improve digital access.

“We knew this was an area we needed to improve urgently, so we asked specialist digital access consultants to conduct an accessibility audit. They provided us with recommendations we could take on board fairly quickly, improving the digital experience for employees and customers, including our website and mobile apps,” added Craig.  

Last year, Medibank launched its first "Accessibility and Inclusion Plan" with commitments to be achieved over four years. This includes making accessibility features available in all retail stores, dignified access in store refits and ensuring future marketing imagery is representative of people with disability. However, Craig believes there’s already a positive cultural shift in the organisation.

“The Index helps us monitor progress. Employee engagement surveys, employment and customer data also offer valuable feedback. We keep listening and responding to what we’re doing well and where we can improve,” said Craig.

When asked what the three most important factors are when it comes to improving inclusion of people with disability, the team answered:

  • Leadership – “You need supportive leaders who understand with both hearts and minds.”
  • Commitment – “Draw up a plan – no matter how simple – and continue to evaluate what you’re doing.”
  • Curiosity – “Listen and learn from people’s lived experience.”

About the Access and Inclusion Index

The Access and Inclusion Index is Australia’s foremost corporate benchmarking tool for inclusion of people with disability. It provides a unique opportunity for organisations to understand and measure access and inclusion across ten key business areas. It provides practical insights into areas of strength and opportunity that can be used as a roadmap for ongoing improvement. 

To find out how the Index can help you drive access and inclusion outcomes across your organisation, join our upcoming webinar: A whole-of-business approach to access and inclusion


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