Life Without Barriers becomes a Disability Confident Recruiter

Tue 10 December 2019

One woman and three men in corporate attire smiling and the two men in the middle are holding each end of a certificate. They stand in front of a Australian Network on Disability banner and a Powerpoint slide with Life Without Barriers' name on it.

Image: Australian Network on Disability Relationship Manager Emily Sparling presents a DCR certificate to Life Without Barriers, accepted by Graeme Innes AM on behalf of the organisation. 


Life Without Barriers has invested in creating employment without barriers for people with disability and is keen to attract and recruit skilled and talented candidates with disability across its 440 locations. 

Completion of the Disability Confident Recruiter (DCR) program has been an empowering process for Life Without Barriers and they see modelling disability confidence as critical to their organisation’s functioning. Achieving DCR means that they can be confident of access and inclusion for candidates with disability throughout their entire recruitment and selection process. 

When they heard about the DCR program, it made sense for them to sign up. It gave them access to structured, expert support and puts them in a strong position to attract candidates with disability for the 2000 vacancies they manage each year.

During the Discovery phase of DCR they found that their Talent and Attraction team didn’t have information about accessibility features of each office to share with candidates when organising interviews–a simple fix that made all the difference. 

DCR standards are now embedded into Life Without Barriers’ processes and the team is enjoying the benefits of increased disability confidence. Each member of the Talent and Attraction team has completed the DCR eLearning course, which has been invaluable in building knowledge and confidence when it comes to providing adjustments during the recruitment processes.

Life Without Barriers has introduced a centralised email address for workplace adjustments that’s managed by the Diversity and Inclusion team. They have embedded workplace adjustment requests into the HR system that then allows employees to easily create a Workplace Adjustments Passport.

Achieving DCR has increased Life Without Barriers' confidence that they will reach the employment targets in their Accessibility, Inclusion and Employment Plan (AIEP) by June 2020.

“Our AIEP employment targets are bold, and if DCR signifies to a candidate that we don’t just care about accessibility, but that it is ingrained in who we are and the way we work, and if it influences their decision to apply for a role with us, then it’s done its job,” said Scott Orpin, Executive Director People Safety and Culture. 

About the DCR program 

The Australian Network on Disability's (AND) internationally-renowned Disability Confident Recruiter (DCR) program builds an organisation’s confidence and capability to attract and support skilled candidates with disability. 

AND will guide your organisation to identify and remove unintended barriers to inclusive recruitment, understand and implement workplace adjustments, understand and test the accessibility of your website, adhere to the DCR Charter, and give your people confidence to refer skilled and talented candidates with disability to internal or external clients. 

DCR is open to both members and non-members of AND. 

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