A comprehensive guide to making your event accessible

Thu 16 January 2020

Publication cover: Zero Project, For a world without barriers, Conference Accessibility Guidelines, what the Zero Project has learned on the journey towards an inclusive and accessible conference. Created jointly with our accessibility partner Escola de Gente and the wider Zero Project network.

Zero Project has released a comprehensive guide that supports organisations to plan and deliver conferences and events that are accessible and inclusive of people with disability.

The Zero Project Conference Accessibility Guidelines provides detailed, practical advice on:

  1. Preparing for your conference;
  2. Making written and video material accessible;
  3. Orientation at the conference venue;
  4. Creating participatory and inclusive conference sessions; and
  5. Communication after the conference.

Accessibility has been a key focus of the Zero Project since its first annual Zero Project Conference was held in 2012 to highlight innovations that support people with disability. The guidelines are based on what they learned from the event each year by implementing new measures and receiving feedback. They were developed to support organisations interested in making their own meetings and conferences more accessible.

As we lead up to our own Australian Network on Disability Annual National Conference in May, the guidelines will be used to support our own measures to ensure an accessible and inclusive experience for all attendees.

Find out more about the Zero Project Conference Accessibility Guidelines.


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