Australian Network on Disability on ABC TV: Work challenges for people with disability

Mon 25 February 2013

Australian Network on Disability's CEO Suzanne Colbert features in a story on ABC TV's 7.30 Report: Work Challenges for people with disabilities.

In the story, Suzanne Colbert highlights Australia's poor ranking amongst OECD countries in relation to employing people with disability. She also points out that Australian employers are open to the idea of employing people with disability, but lack confidence.

Suzanne Colbert

The story featured Mark Johns - a man with no arms - who drives a car, operates a computer, lives independently and has experience working in call centres. He has lodged a case with the Equal Opportunity Commission regarding his difficulty in finding suitable employment.

Suzanne Colbert highlighted the significant difference that could be made if Australia increased employment of people with disability to come in line with New Zealand's example.

Watch the full story at 7.30 Report.


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