Ai-Media wins award for unique captioning service

Wed 13 March 2013

Ai-Media CEO and Co-Founder, Tony Abrahams, was acknowledged as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum yesterday, for his service to people with disability through the unique Ai-media captioning service. 

Ai-Media provides an internet-based, real-time captioning and transcription service that has delivered breakthrough educational outcomes for people with deafness and other disability. Using a microphone on the original speaker, the spoken words are sent live to a trained "re-speaker" who uses software that converts speech into text that is sent back over the internet to screens read by the client in the originating classroom or meeting room.

The World Economic Forum named Mr Abrahams as one of seven Young Global Leaders from Australia in its Class of 2013 who were recognised “for their professional achievements and commitment to society”. The 199 YGL’s (aged under 40) were chosen from 70 countries and work across arts and culture, academia, business, civil society, media, politics and social entrepreneurship.

Read more about Tony Abrahams/Ai-Media's award.

Ai-Media are a sponsor of Australian Netwok on Disability's 2013 conference.

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