Three ways to use the Access and Inclusion Index to boost your disability confidence

Thu 17 September 2020

The Index provides a roadmap for progress and can be used in different ways to support your organisation’s goalsHere are some of the ways: 

1. Dive into one business area 

One Government Department uses the Index to focus the hearts and minds of their product and customer service teams. The questions in the Products and Services Key area of the Index help them to shine a light on their current practice and build relevance and understanding across all teams through a common language. This informs what comes next and the journey ahead.  

Steps to take: 

  • Workshop Index Self-Assessment with each Product Design and Service Delivery team. 
  • Identify current good practice and areas for opportunity  
  • Create action plans and develop a consistent approach to accessibility across all teams.

2. Support the development of your Action Plan

An Australian Hospital uses the Index to inform their Disability Action Plan (DAP). They undertook the Index Self-Assessment, identified their baseline and worked out the goals and actions for their Plan. They intend to use the Self-Assessment again in 2021 and 2022 to monitor their progress. 

While you can use the Index to monitor your progress internally you can also ask AND to evaluate your Comprehensive Self-Assessment at any point during the year. This provides valuable timely feedback, including an analysis of your maturity level and performance along with your recommended roadmap 

Steps to take:  

  • Complete the Comprehensive Self-Assessment.  
  • Work out the score, levels of maturity and baseline from which to progress.  
  • Develop the goals and actions for your DAP moving forward. 
  • Repeat annually to monitor your progress. 

3. Questions and connections

Join us for an interactive discussion forum on Thursday 15 October for a stimulating conversation with great ideas that will help you get the most out of the IndexThe forum is for anyone already using the Index tools, and for those interested in learning more.  

Come connect with colleagues outside of your organisation to share your successes, challenges and opportunities. Find out more about the discussion forum or register your attendance 


About the Access and Inclusion Index 

The Index is designed to support AND members to progress access and inclusion through fostering conversation and collaboration, measuring progress, and by shining a light on best practice and opportunities for improvement.  

To find out more, or discuss how you can participate in 2020, please contact us on 1300 363 645 or email 

Read our Access and Inclusion Index Benchmark Report 2019-20 for more valuable insights into how AND member organisations are making significant progress and staying on course. 

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