How to get involved in this year’s National Safe Work Month

Thu 1 October 2020

Every year in October, Safe Work Australia runs National Safe Work Month. The campaign helps spread the message of workplace health and safety practices and encourages employers to take action to improve safety for their employees and the wider community.

In 2020, workplaces have had to adapt rapidly to the pandemic. This has meant changing practices and procedures to lower the risks associated with COVID-19. These risks include being exposed to the virus and mental health impacts on workers. 

Given the drastic effects of COVID-19, this year’s National Safe Work Month theme is Work Health and Safety through COVID-19

How to get involved

There are plenty of ways your workplace can get involved. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Visit the official National Safe Work Month website. This is your best source of information, news and updates during the event.
  2. Download the National Safe Work Month campaign kit. The kit includes resources, posters and handouts about how your organisation and workers can be safe at work.
  3. Customise your resources. When choosing your resources from the campaign kit, tailor the information to reflect your unique workplace.
  4. Follow Safe Work Australia on social media. Gain updates and tips relating to Work Health and Safety (WHS), which you can share with your own community.
  5. Use the hashtags. To help spread WHS messages, use #safeworkmonth and #safetytogether in your online discussions.

Activity ideas

Building on the resources, activities can help your workers better understand and engage with your latest WHS practices. Here are some activity ideas from Safe Work Australia.

  • Host a digital event – Discuss WHS best practices with your team through a webinar, virtual morning tea or video presentations.
  • Share WHS videosCheck out the engaging videos & animations and share with your workers.
  • Show your commitment – In the campaign kit, you’ll find customisable social media tiles, email signature banners and desktop images.
  • Spread the word – Use the National Safe Work Month e-newsletter template to share, and draw attention to, your WHS news and resources.
  • Get involved locally – Get involved in National Safe Work Month activities and online events specific to your region by visiting your WHS regulator website.


Among the National Safe Work Month resources, you’ll find some helpful checklists. We’ve picked out just two that will be particularly important as your workplace adapts to COVID-19.

National Work Safe Month in 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for the entire global community. With so many rapid changes to our personal and work lives, it can be challenging to keep up with health and safety practices.

By getting involved in National Work Safe Month in October 2020, you can make sure your organisation is doing all that it can to keep workers safe during COVID-19. Good WHS practice and risk management are now more important than ever.

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