When it comes to disability, lots of people have an opinion

Wed 11 November 2020

Some of these opinions hold back people with disability from entering and progressing in the workplace. 

Last year the ILO Global Business and Disability Network created a powerful global campaign to combat disability stereotypes and stigma.

Every day, people make generalisations and assumptions about people with disability. Most of these assumptions are wrong. The ILO Global Business and Disability Network’s powerful worldwide campaign #InvalidOpinions, aims to combat the stereotypes and stigma experienced by people with disability in the workforce.

The campaign highlights individuals who are defying these ‘invalid opinions’ every day. It asks us to confront our own beliefs and misconceptions that might be inadvertently contributing to individuals being held back in the world of work.

Organisations can help break stereotypes and stigma with the campaign ‘Pitch Package’. The Package includes a range of engagement ideas and ILO assets to amplify the #InvalidOpinion campaign on an organisations’ internal channels and networks.

“Together we can encourage everyone to think differently about disability, we can influence hiring decisions, and we can break the cycle.” (Excerpt from the #InvalidOpinions Pitch Package)

Your opinion matters. Make sure it’s valid.


The Australian Network on Disability provides guidance on inclusive language and terminology in an Australian context in its Inclusive Language Factsheet.

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