The power of relationships to create change

Tue 16 February 2021

Woman in corporate attire standing on a stage talking. Group of people sitting and watching and listening.

Image: Amber Tratter, AND Relationship Manager, speaking at Hanes Group 2020 Leadership Conference.

Partnerships, connections and building relationships are the foundations of what we do at AND. Our team of Relationship Managers work closely with our members to establish trust, build confidence, and create change.

Every member journey is different. Relationship Managers listen to where an organisation is on their journey and devise a plan for progress.

“This has been a personal mission of mine  and one that has been embraced by all of our people and business partners… Our partnership with AND has been a particularly important part of our journey and something that I know will only strengthen over time as we work together to expand the impact we can have.” — David Bortolussi, CEO, Hanes Group

Hanes Group joined AND in February 2020 after hearing from one of our Gold members, Cummins about their experience of working with us.

From the beginning, there was an openness, commitment and belief that they could make a difference for people with disability. During the first 6 months of membership Hanes Group had conversations at all levels of the organisation, starting with their Leadership Team. They then took it to their Senior Leaders of 300 at their Leadership Conference.

“Hanes haven’t relied on one individual; they have created a whole of organisation approach to build their disability confidence – they’re all onboard.” — Amber Tratter, Relationship Manager, AND

To create a vibrant and enabling environment for change, Hanes Group appointed an Executive Champion and planned their actions for the next 2-3 years. This is no small feat and absolutely relied on the support and drive of their strong leadership.

Amber Tratter, AND Relationship Manager, who spoke at the 2020 Leadership Conference sees the conference as a pivotal moment of change at Hanes Group. She noticed a shift in the perceptions of employees and reflects on the conference as the catalyst for change.

These changes include the introduction of a governance structure and the commission of a Recruitment Review and the introduction of Workplace Adjustment Policies and Procedures. Champions were appointed in all 10 key areas of the Index, ensuring the whole organisation was represented and part of the journey. This has been a key step for Hanes Group in embedding access and inclusion across their business.

“I’m proud of how we have become far more purpose-driven, with an increasing focus on diversity & inclusivity as we think more about the positive impact we can have on people and planet, which has never been as important as it is now.” — David Bortolussi, CEO, Hanes Group

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