Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance kickstarting interns’ careers

Wed 7 July 2021

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Image: Jenny Stasinopoulos with the Organisational Development team at the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.


The Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) are accelerating career trajectories for talented Stepping Into interns, through the development process. The process aims to place interns into permanent positions and expose them to opportunities across the department. All the while, the department is building up their disability confidence and creating an inclusive and diverse workplace culture – providing benefits for all participating in the Stepping Into program. 

A long-term vision

For Victoria’s Department of Treasury and Finance, getting involved with the Stepping Into program presented the perfect opportunity to achieve one of their goals: providing more opportunities for people with disability inside the department.

“With our values, with what we were wanting to support and promote within the department – we saw the Stepping Into program as an important way to really increase the visibility and opportunities for people with disability – we were really keen to go ahead. Especially since we knew we would have support from AND,” says Jenny Stasinopoulos, Senior Manager Organisational Development at the department.

With AND’s support, DTF kicked off the Stepping Into program and established multiple processes to assist interns participating in the program. Additionally, interns can connect with cadets, graduates and trainees from other programs the department runs, creating a broader network.

Stepping Into interns are assigned mentors within their division, they also have regular catchups with their supervisor and check-ins with the People and Culture team for additional support.

The ongoing communication and support allow interns to thrive in the environment – resulting in some interns being offered permanent positions in the department.

Impressed by the calibre of interns, DTF are now seeking to formalise this process.

We really want to make sure next time around that we keep finding new ways to support our interns wherever we can.” Says Jenny Stasinopoulos, Senior Manager Organisational Development at the department.

The process plans to connect interns with key people in the department, so interns are aware of employment opportunities or openings that could be of interest to them – including permanent positions and secondments.

We have a goal to offer a range of employment opportunities to interns.”

Part of the goal, Jenny says, is to make sure that the relationship between the intern and the department doesn’t end when the internship does.

The department is currently in the process of a formal Stepping Into program review, where AND will recommend ways in which the organisation continue to improve opportunities for employment through the Stepping Into internship.

Jenny believes this soon-to-be formalised process will bring benefits to both the employer and the intern.

“What we have found is that interns bring a different perspective. They bring diversity, that variety of experience, of background, to the team.

“It’s rich in experience, rich in opportunities. So, give it a go.”

Nominations for Stepping Into close 18 August. Nominate your organisation here.

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