Accounting for Access and Inclusion isn’t taxing; just ask KPMG

Thu 8 July 2021

The Ability to Succeed. KPMG Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2021-2023. Woman working at a computer.

Three years into their AND partnership, KPMG is hot off the heels of releasing their inaugural Disability Inclusion Action Plan led by KPMG’s passionate Disability Network. With KPMG’s long-term goals of becoming a disability confident firm, and having inclusion and accessibility embedded into the organisation – KPMG is making great strides.

In 2018, KPMG made the decision to join AND’s member network as a gold member, so they could support their employees with disability.  While belonging and inclusion is at the heart of KPMG’s values, the Disability Network is at the helm of change across the organisation. The Disability Network are a team of engaged and passionate advocates and champions working to increase visibility of disability and inclusive leadership across the firm.

The goal for KPMG is to take a step towards improving the experience for people with disability, and to learn and grow as a firm. An area of focus for KPMG and the Disability Network is to grow the visibility of disability inclusion within the organisation, leveraging and collaborating with the different inclusion and diversity committees and structures KPMG has nationally.

To support KMPG in their goal of becoming an accessible and inclusive organisation, KPMG has inbuilt three strategic pillars into their Disability Inclusion Action Plan - people and culture, clients and stakeholders, and enablers. The plan is to target and monitor the pillars over the next three years to track progress.

KPMG is committed to growing their understanding of disability around the workplace and to educate their employees around conscious and unconscious bias, with the end goal to ensure KPMG’s internal processes are inclusive. KPMG have also planned to review accessibility in their organisation.  Everything from physical access to premises, to building design, to technology and the accessibility of KPMG’s communications will be reviewed.

As part of the first phase of KPMG’s journey towards disability confidence, the organisation is looking towards building a culture of true inclusivity and belonging. KPMG is eager to make sure employees with disability are embraced, connected and supported – and most importantly, empowered to succeed.  

KPMG’s partnership with AND has been a great asset in this journey. KPMG believes that AND’s work with them has been tailored and meaningful. The organisation is also grateful for the access to resources and expertise through the membership.

One of the most valuable parts of being part of the membership network is the opportunity to connect.

The organisation is also learning from other organisations who are on their own journey of disability inclusion.

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