AND’s Accessible Procurement Taskforce launches the ‘ICT Tender Tool’

Thu 8 July 2021

Crowd of people at AND's Conference looking at Matt Hawkins talking on the screen. Auslan Interpreter and captioning shown. PowerPoint slide saying 'The Power of Procurement'.

The first in a series of tools, guidance and frameworks designed to empower you to procure accessible goods and services has officially launched. At AND’s Annual National Conference: Igniting Innovation through Inclusion, the AND-established Accessible Procurement Taskforce launched the ICT Tender Tool.

What is the ICT Tender Tool?

The ICT Tender Tool supports organisations to procure accessible and inclusive Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The ICT tool can also be used to evaluate and determine the accessibility of ICT resources. 

“The tool clearly articulates what accessible goods and services look like,” says Matt Hawkins, ANZ, Chair of the Accessible Procurement Taskforce. “Secondly, it provides responses that are easy for evaluation teams to score.”

How does the tool work?

The ICT Tender Tool is an evaluation framework that can be shared with suppliers, to determine the accessibility of ICT equipment, programs and services, and how easy potential inaccessibility issues can be resolved.  The tool provides you with a scoring template, a series of questions and priority weightings. There are four categories available within the tool, including: externally hosted services, hardware, software or IT professional services. 

The benefits of the tool include:

  • it’s easy-to-use (not technically complex) 
  • simple and cheap to implement
  • does not slow down the purchasing process
  • no subject matter expert is required to use the tool.

The ICT tender tool was made possible by our global partner at Business Disability International (BDI). BDI created the initial prototype and our Accessible Procurement Taskforce continued to tweak and develop the tool to suit current Australian business needs.

The tool has been piloted by members from our taskforce and is now available for use on our website.

View the AND website for more information on how you can use and access the tool.

About the Accessible Procurement Taskforce

AND first established the Accessible Procurement Taskforce in 2019. The taskforce brings together AND members, suppliers and individuals with lived experience of disability to create tools, guidance and frameworks around purchasing accessible goods and services. The taskforce was established in response to the lack of clear guidance on how to implement accessibility requirements into procurement processes. It is chaired by Matthew Hawkins, ANZ. 

The Accessible Procurement Taskforce is currently working on establishing a tool for procuring premises and facilities. Once this is complete, future areas of interest include HR Systems and Marketing and Communications.  

If you are interested in the resources or being part of the Accessible Procurement Taskforce,  contact your relationship manager or email us.

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