Corene Strauss: “I am extremely proud to join such an incredible organisation and team.”

Thu 22 July 2021

Woman (Corene Strauss) smiling, wearing corporate attire. She is holding her hand up to her chin.

This month, we welcomed our new CEO, Corene Strauss, to AND. We sat down with Corene to discuss her passion for disability inclusion, what being leader of our strong membership network means, and what she envisions for the future of AND. 

Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

"I am a cause related professional – especially around how we can improve the lives of individuals and our communities. I love people and what we can do individually and collectively as a force for good."

What motivates you to continue to build momentum for disability inclusion in Australian business?

"The likelihood of living with disability increases with age. 2 in 5 people with disability are 65 years or older. It is not only the youth with disability but also our aging more mature workforce.

The research speaks for itself: workers with disability have higher rates of retention, better attendance and fewer occupational health and safety incidents than those without a disability. Why would you not embrace inclusive, equitable employment practices?"

What does it mean to you to now be the leader of Australia’s disability inclusion member network?

"I am extremely proud to join such an incredible organisation and team, to be working with so many of our committed members to build inclusive workplaces. As an employer myself I can see the opportunity that exists to provide a helping hand to those employers hesitating to embrace disability employment."

You’ve been in the role at AND for a few weeks now. What are you most looking forward to doing?

"Right now I am really looking forward to meeting our members. I can already see the great work they are doing and impact they are creating. I would like to listen and learn more about how we can serve better and how we can broaden and deepen our reach into the community and for the many organisations that have yet to experience the impact of AND."

In a year from now, what would you like to have achieved or have underway at AND?

"It is still early days but I think our Access and Inclusion Index could do with some remodeling for a better user experience, and ultimately an increase in users of the Index nationally.

2) Strengthening our relationship team so that they can continue to provide the quality of service we pride ourselves on as we continue to grow.

3) Build the brand and increase our exposure in the corporate and government sector.

4) Contemporise our communications to our members so they get what they need when they need it."

Do you have any words you’d like to share with our current members?

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members for their commitment to a welcoming inclusive workplace, and for choosing to join us on this journey. 

This organisation was built with a passion to create an inclusive workplace for people with a disability and it has done so with integrity, an emphasis on quality, care and trust. I intend to continue in this way and to ensure that our members get the very best helping hands to guide them forward, with confidence. This is how I felt coming in to the organisation and that is how I want all our members to feel on an ongoing basis."

Is there anything else you would like to add?

"Please reach out anytime if you have any feedback and look out for an email from me for a catch up sometime during the next few months. Otherwise I look forward to meeting members at our next virtual or face to face events."

You can contact Corene at

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