The AND journey begins for NSW’s Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

Thu 22 July 2021

ODPP New South Wales

We’re welcoming to our network new gold member  – the NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP).

ODPP is working towards their goal of creating a diverse workforce and being an inclusive service provider. That’s why their Diversity and Inclusion Working Group have continued to increase inclusive practice throughout the organisation.

It was through this endeavor that the organisation soon came to a realisation.

“We were not equipped with the expertise or experience to properly explore the area of disability,” says Melinda Graczol, Deputy Solicitor for Public Prosecutions. “But when we started to look around at our industry, we soon realised that there was help available.

“I noticed that an organisation was a Disability Confident Recruiter,” says Melinda. “And I wanted to know more about that.” That search led Melinda to AND.

ODPP were inspired by organisations that had made a difference in people’s lives once they had assistance and support. ODPP have now experienced that first hand, having participated in AND’s Stepping Into Program.

“We have seen the meaningful impact on our organisation,” says Melinda. “And we’re inspired to do more.”

One of the first steps for the organisation is to look for areas in the business they can improve. They aim to identify these areas through partaking in the Access and Inclusion Index’s Comprehensive Self-Assessment.

Another future goal is to draft and implement a Disability Inclusion Action Plan, which will be informed by the results and directions of the comprehensive self-assessment.

“I’m really excited about the prospect of working with AND, and making a real difference to how we approach and celebrate diversity, particularly for people with disability.”

About the organisation

The NSW Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions prosecutes serious crimes under NSW law on behalf of the community, including child sexual assault offences and criminal cases against NSW police officers. The ODPP is an independent agency and make all prosecution decisions independently and according to their Prosecution Guidelines. The ODPP does not investigate crimes – they take matters over from other investigative agencies including NSW Police and the Independent Commission Against Corruption, after investigations have been completed.

There are 10 offices across the state of NSW and approximately 800 employees within their organisation.

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