Isabel Heiner

Program Coordinator

Isabel has a keen interest in promoting inclusive practices within all aspects of the community. Since attending a Diversity Masterclass run by Oaktree, she began looking for opportunities to put her skills to use while combining her interest in work with a social purpose. She is now working with the Australian Network on Disability as a Program Coordinator for the Stepping Into Internship and PACE Mentoring programs.

Isabel has experience working in not-for-profit organisations and social enterprise, in roles spanning from recruitment, volunteer engagement and mentoring, to logistics management and consulting. She has a dual degree from the University of Queensland in Business Management and Arts, with an extended major of Psychology.

Isabel is excited to work in youth and jobseeker-oriented projects, where she is able to facilitate the development of individual’s professional skills while building disability confidence throughout the workforce.

Phone: 03 9621 2276

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