Champions' Events

AND supports a Disability Champions’ Network, which facilitates conversations between senior executives responsible for progressing disability issues within their own organisations. These events provide opportunities to collaborate, share experiences, and brainstorm ways to advance the agenda of inclusion of people with disability in their workplaces.

AND Champions’ Events support Disability Champions to maximise the impact of their role.

Disability Champions’ Events are held three times a year in Canberra, and twice a year in Sydney. These events are generally lunch or dinner meetings.

Meetings are around 1.5 hours, are informal, and are run in accordance with the Chatham House Rule.

Organisations with a Disability Champion are invited to host these Champions’ Events.

Hosting responsibilities:

  • Provision of accessible venue & catering (lunch or dinner) for approx. 30 guests.

Return on investment:

  • Opportunity to co-host the event with AND
  • Sponsoring organisation’s name and logo on invitations and reminders
  • Opportunity to promote your Disability Champion to internal stakeholders
  • Opportunity for your Disability Champion to open the event, and showcase any new disability initiatives to the group
  • Demonstration of your organisation’s commitment to inclusion of people with disability at a senior level.

For more information about the Champions' Network and Champions' Events please email or speak to your Relationship Manager.