Michael Patterson

Man smiling

Michael has worked with his current employer, now the NSW Department Communities and Justice, in its various forms, since December 2001. For the most time he has been in roles dealing with some aspect of disability. In April 2008 he contracted Guillain Barre Syndrome, a neurological condition that left him paralysed and on a respirator for 3 months. He returned to full time work in September 2009.

His return work experience motivated him to join his Department’s newly established Disability Employee Network (DEN) in mid 2010. In early 2015 Michael became deputy chair of the DEN. In late 2016 he stepped into the chairman’s role, which he held until March 2020.

Michael has been in his current role of Senior Project Officer, Disability Inclusion since 15 January 2019. His current major project is his department’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan.