Learn from the experiences of our prestigious lineup of speakers and take away valuable, practical solutions you can apply in your own organisation. 

Master of ceremonies 

Kurt Fearnley AO, 2019 New South Wales Australian of the Year, athlete, sports icon, champion for the rights of people with disability. 

Levelling the playing field while flattening the curve: How COVID-19 provides opportunities to improve accessibility and inclusion in the workplace

Tony Abrahams, Co-founder and CEO of Access Innovation Media (Ai-Media)

Staying the course with the Access and Inclusion Index

Hear from the Top Performers in our 2019-20 Access and Inclusion Index to gain first-hand insights into the practices that led to their success and how they used the Access and Inclusion Index to their advantage. 


Championing Inclusion


Winning Ways 


Sponsor presentation: Attorney-General's Department

Kimberley Congram, Assistant Director, Intergrity and Security Division, Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department. 

Supporting networks and their members throughout the COVID-19 crisis 


  • Matthew Parker, Enablers Network, Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Ricki Sandler, Abilities Network, ANZ
  • Emily Reaper, Disability Ability Wellness Network (DAWN), Life Without Barriers 


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