Access and Inclusion Index

Download a transcript of the Access and Inclusion Index video (Accessible Word).

The Access and Inclusion Index is a suite of tools for Australian organisations to use to understand, assess, benchmark and improve their disability confidence to meet the needs of their customers and employees with disability.

These tools will help organisations to assess their disability confidence, increase their understanding of access and inclusion, and receive guidance on how to be welcoming to people with disability across their business.

Access and Inclusion Index quick self-assessment

This is a ten-question self-assessment for organisations who want a simple measure of their disability confidence and to gain an understanding of what the Access and Inclusion Index is about. This includes tips in each section on how an organisation can improve their disability confidence.

Access and Inclusion Index comprehensive self-assessment

This is a comprehensive online self-assessment tool for AND members to use to assess their level of access and inclusion for customers and employees with disability, obtain information about increasing their disability confidence and to monitor their progress in increasing access and inclusion for people with disability. 

Access and Inclusion Index AND evaluation

Once an organisation has completed an Access and Inclusion Index comprehensive self-assessment, they can request that AND evaluate their responses and provide them with an evaluation report that identifies strengths, weaknesses and provides recommendations for the possible next steps for the organisation to continue on their access and inclusion journey.

Access and Inclusion Index benchmarking

An evaluated self-assessment will also go through the benchmarking process and each organisation will receive a benchmark report. The benchmark report will provide organisations with a measure of their performance in relation to other (de-identified) participating organisations. 

Access the inaugral 2016 Access and Inclusion Index Benchmark Report.

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