Alan Dang

Man (Alan Dang) in corporate attire smiling.

As a client executive with leading technology company LAB3, Alan believes that his learning disability is a superpower and has helped him achieve in his career. This all comes down to owning who he is and being upfront with others, about how he ticks.

Plus, he has a wicked combo for a person who works in sales – the grit to persevere to get the deal over the line and empathy in spades. He is respected by his colleagues and enjoys great relationships with clients.

Alan has come a long way since his teens. Having failed High School Alan’s first job was stacking supermarket shelves. Alan felt like he had more to offer.

After grappling with self-confidence, Alan (by then in his early 20s) enrolled as a mature aged student at university. It was here his life changed.

One day, another student overheard Alan reading aloud and noticed he skipped every second line. After seeing a psychologist, Alan was diagnosed with ADHD. Suddenly everything fell into place and his experiences in life made sense. He was not dumb!

Alan graduated with a double degree with honours in Information & Business Systems and Computer Science. He has gone on to build an impressive career in the technology sector. He started out with IBM and then after 5 years, took the next step in his career to work for LAB3.

Alan is frequently the top seller of the month and recently made his first multi-million-dollar sale with a big logo company.