DCR for recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies play an important role within the employment cycle. You connect talented and skilled individuals to organisations with available roles.

However, if barriers exist in your recruitment process, people with disability may not have the opportunity to connect with employers, and your client will not have access to the entire talent pool.

Why you should become disability confident:

Becoming disability confident will enable you to ensure skilled candidates with disability are able to apply for roles.

It will help you to:

  • Support your clients to meet their diversity needs.
  • Win new business by offering an accessible solution that meets corporate requirements.
  • Build your reputation as an organisation that delivers best practice recruitment solutions.
  • Analyse your recruitment process to identify and remedy unintended barriers.
  • Reduce the risk of receiving a disability discrimination complaint.

Learning outcomes

When you commence the DCR program we will guide your organisation to:

  • Identify and remove any barriers to your recruitment and selection process.
  • Build the confidence of your consultants to refer skilled and talented candidates with disability to your clients.
  • Understand and implement workplace adjustments.
  • Understand and test the accessibility of your website.
  • Adhere to the DCR Charter.
  • Achieve annual DCR status and use of logo.

For more information about the DCR program, please contact us.