Cassie Alexander

Woman in corporate attire smiling

Cassie is Head of HR at Department of Finance. In this role and in previous roles in Commonwealth government departments she has achieved a track record of transforming HR to better support and drive business outcomes. Cassie started her career at Department of Finance and has held senior HR roles in Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sports, the Attorney-General’s Department and then returning to Finance.

Cassie is acutely aware of the changing nature of work, trends and the evolving environment in which organisations need to operate.

Cassie is proud of the work that she leads in HR to contribute to a diverse workforce.  She realises that having a diverse workforce not only better utilise our workforce; it would also attract a highly qualified, diverse cohort for the future, ensuring Finance’s position as a trusted adviser that successfully delivers key outcomes on behalf of Government and in turn for all Australians

The workplace paradigm is shifting in a way that requires new skills, better job design and different ways of networking and engaging with people – this is why Cassie is passionate about HR and organisational development.