Disability Champions Events

The Australian Network on Disability (AND) supports a Disability Champions Network.

This exclusive network is only open to senior executive leaders, sponsors and those who champion disability inclusion within AND Member organisations

Meetings provide an opportunity for invited guests to: 

  • Engage in valuable conversations. 
  • Share their experiences. 
  • Hear about other organisations’ successes and challenges.
  • Keep informed of employee/customer and community expectations.
  • Keep abreast of the latest and most relevant information and research. 
  • Influence how AND supports complex organisation to welcome people with disability as customers, employees and stakeholders. 

Champions events are held three times a year in Canberra, and twice a year in Sydney and Melbourne.

The events are generally lunch or dinner meetings. They are informal, and are run in accordance with the Chatham House Rule.

AND believes in the power of networks, relationships and collaboration to grow expertise and achieve change. We know from experience how powerful it can be for senior leaders with a common purpose to come together. 

Upcoming events 

Canberra (invitation only) 

  • Date: TBA (previous session ran Thursday 27 August 2020)
  • Time: TBA
  • Location: TBA

Sydney (invitation only) 

  • Date: TBA (previous session ran Friday 11 September 2020)
  • Time: TBA
  • Location: TBA

Melbourne (invitation only) 

  • Date: TBA (previous session ran Wednesday 14 October 2020)
  • Time: TBA
  • Location: TBA

For information about joining AND's Disability Champions Network, please contact us.