Conference Resources 2020

We're pleased to share the presentations, transcripts and resources from our 12th Annual National Conference: Stronger Together, held virtually on Tuesday 12 May, 2020.

We sincerely hope everyone enjoyed the day and left feeling empowered to keep access and inclusion of people with disability on the business agenda. 

For a roundup of key takeaways, read "Stronger Together – takeaways from AND’s 12th National Conference". 

Conference recordings 

Morning session: 

AND's conference morning session transcript (Word, 99KB). Please find below transcripts divided into individual speaker and panel sessions.

Afternoon session: 


AND's conference afternoon session transcript (Word, 98KB). Please find below transcripts divided into individual speaker and panel sessions. 

Agenda and presentations

Download the 2020 Conference Program (PDF, 4MB)

Conference program accessible Word version (Word, 25KB).

Levelling the playing field while flattening the curve: How COVID-19 provides opportunities to improve accessibility and inclusion in the workplace

Speaker: Tony Abrahams, Co-founder & CEO, Ai-Media.


Staying the course with the Access and Inclusion Index

Facilitated by Amy Whalley, Australian Network on Disability.

Conference delegates had a unique opportunity to gain first-hand insights from the Top Performers in our Access and Inclusion Index. Our 2019-20 Top Performers were RMIT, ATO and Medibank. 


Championing Inclusion  

Presentation by Paul O’Reilly and Michael Patterson from NSW Department of Communities and Justice.

Learn how NSW Department of Communities and Justice harnessed their internal energy to drive and sustain a culture of inclusion, especially through a time of ever-changing business priorities. Hear how the department enlisted the support of 50 engaged Champions and created empathy and understanding across the Senior Executive team.


Winning Ways


Hear about the strategies that have won awards over the last year. Stein Helgeby, Cassie Alexander and Josephine Julian from the Department of Finance spoke about how they won the AHRI Graeme Innes Disability Employment Award, Life Without Barriers’ Fiona Davies on winning AHRI’s Diversity Champion Award, and ANZ’s Darren Baird on Australian Access Awards corporate app of the year in 2019. 


Sponsor presentation – Attorney-General's Department 

Presentation by Kimberley Congram, Assistant Director, Integrity and Security Division, Attorney-General’s Department.


Supporting networks and their members throughout the COVID-19 crisis


  • Matthew Parker, Enablers Network, Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Ricki Sandler, Abilities Network, ANZ
  • Emily Reaper, Disability Ability Wellness Network (DAWN), Life Without Barriers 

Kurt facilitated a thought-provoking conversation with Employee Network members from the Victorian Government, ANZ and Life Without Barriers about the role they have played to kept their networks connected during this time.