Connecting people with disability to business

It is widely agreed that the most valuable way to improve employment outcomes for people with disability is through innovative programs that help set them up for a lifetime of work.

Internships, mentorships and employer-led recruitment strategies expose businesses to people with disability and give vital work experience to jobseekers. 

Stepping Into Internships started in 2005. Seven law students with disability were given an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and capabilities so that they could compete on a level playing field with other law students. Now, it is open across all industries and has become a highly valued talent pipeline for business actively seeking to employ people with disability to their graduate programs.

Positive Action towards Career Engagement (PACE) Mentoring, matches jobseekers with disability with mentors who can support them to develop their skills and confidence in a workplace setting. It supports managers and supervisors to develop their confidence working with people with disability.