What we do

We offer a range of innovative products, training, consultancy and programs to help you welcome people with disability across all aspects of your business.

We also have an extensive list of resources, fact sheets and publications that you can access in the resources section of the website or the member area.

Access and Inclusion Index 

The Access and Inclusion Index is a suite of management tools that you can use to understand, assess, benchmark and improve your disability confidence. It also helps you to identify and direct resources to where they'll have the biggest impact. And, it supports you to better meet the needs of your customers and employees with disability.

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Consultancy services

Develop your business strategy for welcoming customers, employees and other stakeholders with disability with our specialised consultancy service.

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Learning solutions

Learn from the best. Our consultants have extensive experience in development and delivery of engaging and interactive training packages to meet your business needs.

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Connecting people with disability with business

Internships, mentorships and employer led recruitment strategies expose business to people with disability and give vital work experience to job seekers. They connect people with disability to business.

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Disability Confident Recruiter

Build your skills to confidently recruit talent from diverse groups, including people with disability with our innovative Disability Confident Recruiter program.

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Consultancy partners

Connect with industry experts in dignified access and digital accessibility.

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