Customer Charter for People with Disability

These key principles assist organisations with their development of long term sustainable approaches for the inclusion of people with disability as customers.  We encourage organisations to adopt these principles in all aspects of the customer experience design. 

Policy and Top Level Commitment
Service to customers with a disability will form an integral part of the company’s product and service standards.  A company-wide policy will be agreed by the top team and communicated to the rest of the company.

Staff Training and Disability Awareness
Specific steps will be taken to raise awareness of disability among employees involved in developing, marketing and delivering products and services to customers.  Training will be made available to communicate service standards and to equip employees to achieve these.

Physical Environment
All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the physical environment does not prevent people with a disability from doing business with us.

Market Research
Steps will be taken to understand the preferences and requirements of people with a disability. Complaints and customer feedback mechanisms will be made accessible to customers with a disability.

Design of Products and Services for All
Regular reviews of the accessibility of products and services to people with a disability will be undertaken and acted upon.  Whenever possible, the company will consult people with a disability as experts and consumers on product and service design.

Communication with Customers
The availability of accessible products and services will be communicated to customers with a disability while advertising and other images will reflect a diverse customer base. A variety of formats will be used in our communications with customers.

Influencing other Organisations
Major suppliers, contractors and franchisees will be encouraged to adopt this agenda.

People with disabilities in the wider community
The company will recognise and respond to people with a disability as suppliers, shareholders, employees and members in the community.

Monitoring Performance
Progress in implementing the key points of this Agenda will be monitored at Executive Level.


These principles are adapted from the Business Disability Forum UK.