DCR Charter

If you decide to become a Disability Confident Recruiters you will be asked to sign a Charter, making a public commitment to address the following points.

  1. As a ‘Disability Confident Recruiter’ we are committed to providing fair and equitable treatment for candidates with disability.
  2. Our key recruitment web page(s) are accessible as per the Web Content Accessibility Standards (WCAG 2.1) and provide people with disability equitable access to our employment information.
  3. Our premises enable equitable participation throughout the recruitment process and where this is not possible, we have a dignified alternative.
  4. We know how to make adjustments to accommodate a candidate’s specific requirements throughout the application, assessment and interview process.
  5. We provide key information in alternate formats on request.
  6. We take role briefs, advertise roles, screen, test and interview candidates with disability based on the essential requirements of the role.
  7. We communicate with candidates with disability using their preferred method of communication.
  8. We provide information and development to our recruitment consultants on disability confidence and awareness.

For more information about the Disability Confident Recruiter program, please contact us.