Design for Dignity Guidelines - Lendlease

Australian network on Disability Gold member Lendlease has released its 'Design for Dignity' guidelines and made them available to all interested parties.

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Excerpt from Design for Dignity Guidelines

Designing for dignity should be part of every urban regeneration project.  After all, thriving, vibrant places are the heart and soul of community and citizenship, where all people feel connected and included in all their diversity.

The challenge however is how we, as developers, designers, builders, asset owners and managers can best shift our own ‘ableist’ bias, to integrate into the design and operation phases, a more inclusive view of how people of all abilities access and engage with place, and most importantly, how they can do so seamlessly with equity and dignity.

The ‘Design for Dignity’ Guidelines are a first step toward this shift, and form a fundamental part of the voluntary commitment to accessibility and inclusion at Barangaroo South. It is by no means exhaustive. In fact, the objective of this document is to prompt ‘open-source’ contributions to content from a range of voices across the disability community and property value chain.

It is hoped this resource becomes a comprehensive repository of practical information, tips and guides that contribute to ‘best practice’ or beyond ‘DDA compliance’ outcomes for everyone, on any Lendlease project, and hopefully, an exemplar guide across the property industry more broadly.

Download the Guidelines

Download Lendlease Design for Dignity Guidelines (PDF)

Download Lendlease Design for Dignity Guidelines (accessible Word)