Design for Dignity

Ensuring that your employees, customers and stakeholders are able to access your premises, products and services in a safe, equitable and dignified way is an integral part of being a disability confident organisation.

When you consider and cater for people with disability in the design of your premises, products and services, your organisation has access to the widest possible pool of employees, customers and stakeholders.

To help you along the path, the Australian Network on Disability has partnered with accessible premises consultancy firm, Design for Dignity, founded by accessibility expert Jason Barker in 2016.

Design for Dignity assists organisations to build dignified access into their upfront design, as well as mapping out practical strategies to improve existing products, services and premises.

To find out more, visit the Design for Dignity website, or contact us today.


Design for Dignity Retail Guidelines

Design for Dignity Guidelines - Lendlease