Accessibility action planning

An Accessibility Action Plan (AAP) is an important public document that clearly outlines your organisation's approach to diversity and inclusion for people with disability. It details how your business makes its workplace, products and services accessible to people with disability.

Developing and implementing an AAP is a proactive approach to Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA). They enable organisations to go beyond compliance and create inclusive and accessible practices and environments.

In addition, an effective AAP will enhance your corporate image, help you deliver services more efficiently and give you access to a wider market. It will also help you to set objectives and actions, assign accountability and responsibility and measure outcomes.

AAPs are usually available to the public and lodged with the Human Rights Commission. Done right, they can reduce the risk of discrimination complaints and associated costs.

For more details, read our Accessibility Action Plan factsheet.

Note: AAPs are also known as Access and Inclusion Plans, or Disability Action Plans.

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Best practice examples of Accessibility Action Plans

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