eLearning – Disability Confident Workforces

Build disability confidence across your whole organisation with our new Disability Confident Workforces eLearning solution.

Many organisations have told us how beneficial it would be for all employees to do our acclaimed Disability Confidence training. While there’s no replacement for attending a facilitated session, we have adapted the content into an eLearning format to make it easier for every Australian workplace to benefit from this essential training.

Featuring videos, interactive activities and real-world examples, the Disability Confident Workforces eLearning course helps build vital knowledge and understanding about how to be inclusive of people with disability every day at work.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is designed to benefit employees across every team in your organisation.

Learning outcomes

  • Know why disability confidence matters and the benefits of inclusion of people with disability
  • Understand disability in Australia and employer obligations
  • Feel confident discussing disability using the right terminology and etiquette
  • Know about workplace adjustments, privacy and sharing personal information
  • Know how to contribute to an inclusive and barrier-free workplace

Course structure

The course includes three modules of around 20 minutes, which can be completed at your own pace:

  1. About disability
  2. Communication and key concepts
  3. Creating enabling environments

Download the Disability Confident Workforces eLearning brochure (PDF, 250 KB).

Delivery and pricing

You can purchase access for individuals for $45 (+GST) or you can purchase the SCORM file and upload to your own Learning Management System and provide unlimited access for all your people leaders.

For further information or to arrange access, please contact us

Also available: Disability Confident Managers

Designed to assist managers and supervisors to be inclusive of people with disability every day at work, our Disability Confident Managers eLearning solution is an essential resource for all people leaders, no matter where they’re located across Australia.