Family and Community Services NSW


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The Family and Community Services (FACS) cluster supports vulnerable people and families to participate in social and economic life and build stronger communities. The cluster directly supports people across NSW through its own services and through funding non-government organisations (NGOs) to deliver specialist support services.

Our work is broad and challenging. Every day we strive to improve lives by supporting:

  • people with disability, so they can realise their potential
  • children and young people, so they have the best possible start to life and are protected from abuse and neglect
  • people in vulnerable circumstances, so they have suitable, stable and sustainable accommodation and services that support them to overcome disadvantage
  • communities to become more resilient and inclusive
  • families, so they are safe from domestic, family and sexual violence
  • Aboriginal people, so they have the same social and economic opportunities as other Australians
  • seniors, so they experience the benefits of living longer
  • women, so they have full access to economic opportunities.