Information for businesses

Why get involved?

Being a PACE mentor will help you, and your organisation, to challenge your views and tackle any unconscious bias about people with disability. You’ll build your disability confidence and develop your leadership skills, while supporting your mentee to achieve their career goals.

Engaging with PACE Mentoring is simple. AND manages the program from start to finish. This includes recruiting and selecting mentees; matching mentors and mentees; pre-program briefings; and, the evaluation process and feedback.

Business benefits

  • Increase your disability confidence by working alongside people with disability.
  • Be an employer of choice for people with disability.
  • Grow a diverse and inclusive workforce to support innovation and change.
  • Enhance skills such as managing diversity, coaching and listening.
  • Gain customer loyalty[1].
  • Strengthen workplace morale and productivity.

Find out more

If you are interested in the PACE program, please contact Isabel Heiner at or call 03 9614 2089. Expressions of interest close 31st January (for Autumn) and 31st May (for Spring).

[1] According to a University of Massachusetts survey, 92% of the American public view companies that hire people with disability more favourably than those that do not. 87% of the public also agree that they would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disability.