Information Session Webinar - Plan for Success

Plan for Success Webinar Recording Mini Series

Click on the links below to listen to different sections of our Plan for Success webinar.

  1. About AND and the Stepping Into Program
  2. Applications, Resumes, Cover Letters & Key Selection Criteria
  3. Preparing for Interviews
  4. Networking Skills
  5. Disability Management in the Workplace

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Listen in to a live Plan for Success Webinar

AND does not currently have any live webinars booked, however we will be arranging these during August & September 2019 in preparation for the Summer 2019/2020 Stepping Into Program.

The presentation will offer:

To participate in the webinar you will need to dial in to the teleconference for audio and the webinar for visuals. Login details are below for you.

Step 1:  Webinar Login

Follow this link:

Enter this code in the ‘I am a participant’ field:6367393293

Step 2: Teleconference

Phone: 1800 896 323

Participant Code: 6119704966

Please advise if you have any accessibility requirements for the session. We can arrange for live captioning if advised in advance.

There is no need to RSVP if you intend to dial in to the webinar.

PACE Mentoring & Stepping Into Program Information Session

Feel free to watch the below information session on PACE Mentoring & Stepping Into Program. This information session was recorded for the Swinburne University of Technology to help empower students with disability in gaining the skills and confidence needed to find employment.

The presenter, Program Manager Isabel Heiner, answers questions regarding making the transition from university into professional employment, and presents information on the Stepping Into Internship and PACE Mentoring programs.

Download the transcript (Word)

Download the presentation (PDF)