Keynote speaker: Yves Veulliet

  • Global Disability & Inclusion Leader at IBM 
  • Chair of the International Labour Organization’s Global Business and Disability Network
  • Author of Turning Point – The Fall and Rise

Yves Veulliet profile

Yves started his career at IBM in 1992 as administrative assistant for a team of sales reps in the Public Sector at European level. In 1997, he was permanently appointed as Information Officer for IBM Governmental Programs Europe, a corporate function providing a public policy and government relations framework.

In 2003, he took up the role of EU Projects Coordinator, where he was to create a coordination structure of EU projects for IBM Business Consulting Services at European level. 

In 2005, Yves joined the IBM Europe Middle East Africa Diversity team as Program Manager for Persons with Disabilities.

In 2007, in addition to his role with the persons-with-disabilities community, he took up the role of Cross Generational Program Manager. He worked on building a framework that facilitates the creation of values for IBM and its clients through employee engagement, collaboration effectiveness, career paths and knowledge management for all of the generations in the workforce.

From 2011 until early 2013, Yves was also Diversity Leader of IBM Canada. He defined the diversity business case, formulated the strategy and oversaw actions that delivered results in line with the Global Diversity Strategy.

In 2014, Yves was appointed IBM's Global Disability & Inclusion Leader – to facilitate inclusion of employees with different abilities, improve IBM's existing programs, as well as identify existing inhibitors to a successful work experience.

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Book cover: Turning Point, The Fall & Rise, Life can be a difficult path, but one which also provides moments of real joy if we know how to find them! Yves Veulliet

Yves is author of a book in which he explains, through his own experience, the consequences of acquiring a disability as a result of an accident, from a psychological, societal and professional standpoints. He also explains how to make other people, including employers, disability confident.

Turning Point – The Fall and Rise is available in English at online retailers in both eBook and hard copy formats: 


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