Lisa Cox

Woman (Lisa Cox) using a wheelchair, dressed in corporate attire, smiling. Her background is greenery and trees.

Lisa Cox is a multi-award-winning writer, author, business consultant and media professional. She is also on the Board of Directors at Just Sociale and is a Disability Affairs Officer at Media Diversity Australia. As a self-confessed ‘word nerd’ with two university degrees, Lisa is very aware of the powerful role that language plays in shaping social attitudes and public perceptions.  

As an advertising agency copywriter for years, Lisa pivoted her skillset to create awareness and visibility for the disability community. Rewriting the often stereotypical narratives around disability and helping others better understand the nuances of disability inclusion is something that Lisa is well placed to do. 

She has successfully fused her academic and professional background in communications with her lived experiences of disability to educate and collaborate with brands and businesses that share her vision for improving the representation of disability in mainstream popular culture. Her work has been featured nationally and intentionally including The Sydney Morning Herald, CBS, Fox and The Huffington Post.