Member Roundtables

AND holds regular Roundtable meetings for Members in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. These meetings are an opportunity for Members to network, share experiences and hear from disability service providers and advocacy groups.

Member Roundtables are informative and dynamic sessions, where members encourage and challenge each other, and discussion sparks new ideas and solutions.

These events can cover emerging topics around disability, technology solutions or other accessibility issues, and allow members to talk about their progress and challenges in a supportive, engaged and helpful environment.

We encourage all of our Member organisations to host these Roundtables, even if you’re still at the start of your journey towards disability confidence. It might be at your Roundtable that the next big idea is born!


  • Provision of accessible venue & catering (light refreshments) for up to 40 people.

Benefits of sponsoring:

  • Organisation name and logo on all invitations
  • Opportunity for a representative of the sponsoring organisation to present at the event
  • Opportunity to display banners or other branding collateral;
  • Opportunity to promote the event internally, and further demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to inclusion of people with disability;
  • Opportunity to invite up to five employees to attend the Roundtable meeting.

For more information about Member Roundtables please email or speak to your Relationship Manager.