Mitch Levy, Dept Human Services

General Manager - Production Systems Delivery Centre

Mitch has a 25 year ICT career spread across private enterprise and the Commonwealth Government. Mitch started his ICT career working at the Canberra Building Society converting an existing bureau service into an in-house maintained ICT environment.

Mitch then spent a number of years working at the Australian Taxation Office in various roles: Operations Manager; Systems Programmer; ICT Manager; and finally setting up a program to implement Information Management and Analytics into the ATO.

Mitch worked at ComSuper as the Chief Technology Officer before moving to the Department of Human Services in 2008 to assume responsibility for Infrastructure and Telecommunications. Since that date, he has worked across a number of ICT programs at DHS: ICT Infrastructure Integration; Telecommunications Transition; Strategic Vendor Management & Sourcing; and his current role looking after the Production Systems Delivery Centre.