Case study: NSW Public Service Commission Named Disability Confident Recruiter

Australian Network on Disability (AND) Bronze Member NSW Public Service Commission (PSC) has achieved the status of Disability Confident Recruiter (DCR). They successfully completed the program in March 2018, demonstrating their commitment to fair and equitable treatment of candidates with disability.

What motivated you to sign up for the DCR program?

We’re motivated by our commitment to create the most desirable, forward-thinking workforce imaginable. The best way to do this is to ask the right questions. For instance, how can we properly promote accessibility in employment? For one, we can build premier best-practice models and talent management across the NSW Government.

The DCR program presented another perspective for us to review and refine our practices. It helped us ensure we were playing our part in creating and delivering inclusive workplace practices for people with disability.

Even as a leader in the workforce, we too have a lot to learn and need to be held accountable.

Which part of the program did you find the most challenging?

There was a balancing act between reviewing our internal, as well as our external recruitment processes. We looked at how we hire at the PSC, and within the NSW Government Graduate Program and NSW Public Service Recruitment Pools. We worked with hiring managers across the organisation and collaborated with various areas across the organisation to seek their feedback and advice. Collaborating helped us see our challenges from many unique perspectives.

Did you come across any obstacles while completing the program? How did you overcome them?

We realised that we weren’t formally capturing the preferred methods of communication from candidates in our recruitment process. To counter, we updated all application forms related to our internal and external recruitment. We then established a process that facilitates all requests made by candidates, regardless of when the request was made.

What were the most surprising things to come out of completing DCR?

The DCR program provided a great opportunity for more collaboration. Although some of the teams across the PSC were not directly part of the organisation’s recruitment process, we found that there was a very positive uptake. People genuinely wanted to help us with the DCR Program. We worked very closely with our communications team to ensure that our website was accessible and provided useful information to candidates about the recruitment process, including a point of contact for questions. Also, our e-recruitment team was crucial in advising us on how updated application forms would best support candidates.

What changes have you/will you make as a direct result of completing DCR?

Now, all employees who have an active role in any recruiting programs have completed the online training. This has helped develop their capability and awareness of creating inclusive recruitment practices. Our next step is an organisation-wide awareness campaign about the DCR program and lessons learned. Then, we’ll extend these practices and lessons learned to other agencies in the public sector.

We are also driving inclusive recruitment practices for the newly established Talent Acquisition Pre-qualification Scheme. It will ensure suppliers are committed to delivering an inclusive approach in all aspects of recruitment and promote practices that ensure accessibility and eliminate any barriers to equal participation and engagement.

What do you hope to achieve from being recognised as a Disability Confident Recruiter?

We’re committed to creating meaningful work opportunities and building a diverse workforce. We want current and potential employees to see that, and take pride in it. We hope that being recognised as a Disability Confident Recruiter will be a testament to the team’s commitment to ensuring that the program is designed with the diverse needs of the community in mind.

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