A voice for employers

The Australian Network on Disability (AND) harnesses the voice of its members to influence and shape government policy and improve practice.

By doing this we can identify crucial systemic issues and collaborate to create solutions and facilitate best practice.

Submissions and reports are formed in consultation with our member organisations, Board of Directors and expert advisors.

We're driven by our belief that people with disability are skilled and capable social and economic contributors, entitled to equitable opportunities in society.

We contribute to policy-making by giving voice to the experiences of employers who want to (and do) access the talents of people with disability. We strongly support evidence-based policy making, which draws on what has and has not worked over the past 30 years, both within Australia and internationally.  We also value the lived experience of people with disability, including research which captures this.

Policy directions for the employment of people with disability should consider the principles of:

Fairness – reduce the correlation between disability and poverty. Most people with disability can participate in the labour market with the right level of supports. We've seen firsthand people with very significant disability take their place in inclusive employment and sustain their roles successfully for many years.

‘Leave no-one behind’ – consider the evidence for high quality, inclusive employment and sustainable jobs by providing high quality employment support services that support jobseekers and employers.

Submissions and reports