Relocating for a Stepping Into Role

Students who wish to relocate for a Stepping Into role are welcomed, but before you do – here are the things you need to know before you apply for an interstate role.

Relocating can be an exciting opportunity. With a chance to develop new skills, get to know a new area and meet new people, it’s a great learning experience that can help you develop both professionally and personally.

Things to consider when applying for an interstate role:

  • Local candidates will be priortised over interstate candidates, even if the position is remote or work from home. This doesn’t mean you won’t be selected for the role.  If you are successful in securing the internship, there is no guarantee of employment beyond the interning period.
  • Cost of living can differ from state to state. You will need to plan and manage your own budget for food, bills, accommodation, medication and transport.  Create a budget before you apply, so you know if relocating is right for you.

The Impact of COVID

COVID has impacted the way we travel across the nation. Restrictions can change at any moment. There is a risk that travel restrictions may start again for those who are looking to relocate.

This could mean you may have to pay quarantine fees out of your pocket, you may be unable to get to another state if borders have closed, or you may have to live within a lockdown.

AND and host organisations do not cover the cost of quarantine fees.

Look into the local area

Before relocating, you will need to decide the area you want to relocate to. Look into the local area and work out where all the necessities you will need are – including groceries, shops, pharmacies, doctor’s offices.

Also research any social activities or hobbies you may have so you can participate in them when you’re not working.

Accessible accommodation

Before relocating to a new accommodation, be sure you get all the facts. Consider the accessibility requirements you need to be able to travel, live and work.

You should contact reception of your accommodation to ensure that it fulfills your accessibility requirements.

Accessible Transport

Before selecting your accommodation, you should look into the distance between your accommodation and workplace, as well as the transport available in the area. Ensure that there is accessible public transport and  look into the travel time.

Have a plan for your personal support

When relocating to a new area for your role, you should consider the ways you can manage your social, medical and professional support. Be aware of what you need to organise – including medical appointments and counselling sessions.

Similarly, look into how you can occupy your hours after work has ended. Consider social events, hobbies or activities that you like and see if you can find any in the area you’re planning to relocate to, so you know you can fill the time outside of work, keep busy and build a personal network in that city.

Organising flights and accommodation

Booking flights and accommodation can be a daunting process.

You can look at  Facebook Sharehouse Groups, Booking.Com, AirBnb or to seek out accommodation when relocating. Please be aware that not all of these places will have suitable accessibility.  It is best to discuss this prior to booking..

Before you book, make sure you know how you can manage booking and funding your flights and accommodation.

AND and host organisations do not organise or book flights or accommodation.


Download a checklist of questions to make sure you’ve considered every option before applying for an interstate role (Word, 69KB).