Sharing and Monitoring Disability Information

Over two million people of working age (16-65 years) have disability, and over one million are already working. That’s 10 per cent of the workforce.

Disability is likely to be present in your workplace and it may well be invisible. However, many Australian employers are unsure about how to ask people about their disability status. A recent survey of members by the Business Council of Australia found that concerns about seeming discriminatory, invading privacy, not knowing how to ask and lack of internal know-how prevented companies from asking employees or applicants if they had disability.

The purpose of the Sharing and Monitoring Disability Information in your Workforce Guide is to:

  • help you prepare before you ask;
  • when to ask; and
  • what to ask.

The advice, developed in consultation with the Australian Human Rights Commission, is designed to help you get a higher response rate when you ask. The aim of the guide is to assist you to seek information from employees while complying with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Thanks to the Australian Government Department of Social Services for providing funding for this project, and to the Australian Human Rights Commission and Business Council Australia for their valuable input.

The guide is available to download as a PDF, and can also be viewed online.

Sharing and Monitoring Disability Information in your Workforce PDF

Sharing and Monitoring Disability Information in your Workforce Microsite

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