Department of Agriculture

Conference Partner

At the Department of Agriculture we help to create the environment for Australia’s agricultural, fishing and forestry industries to prosper

We advance resilient and prosperous primary industries and safeguard Australia from animal and plant diseases and pests through the advice we provide to the government, and the government programmes and services we deliver and the regulations we administer. 

Everything we do makes a direct, or indirect, contribution to achieving our vision of globally competitive and sustainable portfolio industries.

We do this through our two core roles of advancing prosperous primary industries and safeguarding Australia’s biosecurity:

  • As a policy adviser we must provide rigorous and evidence-based advice to support government decision-making. Our work helps our industries to gain and maintain access to international markets.
  • The programmes we deliver support primary industries to remain productive and sustainable into the future, with the resilience to adjust to economic, social and environmental change.
  • As a regulator we must ensure our biosecurity system is strong, keeps Australia protected against animal and plant diseases and pests and maintains Australia's reputation as a producer of high-quality food and fibre for the world.