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Can I apply for any of the available positions or is it degree specific?

The internship you wish to apply for must be relevant to your degree (unless otherwise specified). The roles are designed to give you hands-on work experience in the field of your related area of study. Disciplines are listed next to each position description. This may help you determine if your studies are relevant and suitable for the given role.

How do I know what roles and organisations will be available?

Internship roles are nominated by our member organisations every round. There will be different organisations participating and roles available each time we run the program, depending on what our members nominate, and there's no guarantee that an organisation who has had opportunities available in the past will have them again (although many organisations do!) When applications open, you will be able to view all the available roles and the organisations participating on the Current Opportunities page. 

I'm a post-graduate student, can I still apply for Stepping Into?

If you're doing a post-graduate degree, you most certainly can apply for an internship. Just check out the listing of available jobs to see if there are any positions that are relevant to your degree. It's important to check the eligibility requirements of each employer before submitting an application in case the positions are reserved for undergraduates only.

What relevant disability/medical documentation do I have to supply with my application?

Examples of medical/disability documentation include a document from your disability officer at university stating the adjustments the university has in place for you, or medical certificates from your doctor or other health professionals.

Do I need an official academic transcript for the application?

If you cannot get an official transcript, then a verified 'unofficial' transcript is fine. Many students have submitted an online print-out of their transcript, and have it stamped by their Student Centre for free. An academic record from your student portal will also suffice.

Do I have to share information about my disability?

Stepping Into is a program specifically designed for students with disability, therefore a small group of employees who have been involved in the recruitment process will be aware that you have disability. However, they won't be aware of any details regarding your disability, just the workplace adjustments that you may have recommended.

Sharing information relating to your disability is always a personal choice. When you submit your Stepping Into application to the Australian Network on Disability (AND), the disability Information section is removed before your application is sent to potential employers. This information remains with AND, so that we're aware of the nature of your disability and can better assess what types of workplace adjustments would be appropriate for you if required. For more information about sharing disability information, read Western Sydney University’s Disclosure in Study resource.

Is there a chance of getting a job with the organisation after the internship?

Stepping Into internships run for a minimum of 152 hours (4 weeks, if working full time). However, many employers have extended the internships for previous interns, based on work performance, feasibility and demand. We’ve had interns who have received graduate employment as a result of their Stepping Into internship, and employers encourage interns to ask about recruitment pathways if you’re interested in ongoing employment.

Can I apply for an internship in a different state to where I live/study?

You may apply for an interstate internship if it's appropriate for you. However, costs associated with travel and accommodation for you to move interstate for the period of the internship will be at your own expense. Please consider your capacity to move before applying.

Can I apply for more than one internship?

If you're interested in more than one opportunity, you can most certainly apply for more than one. As each job is different and different employers are involved, you need to submit a separate application for each job you want to apply for. However, it’s likely that you'll only be put forward for one internship initially.

When can I expect to hear about the outcome of my application?

Once all applications are received, you'll be invited to a briefing session in your city or via Skype (depending on availability). At the briefing session you'll learn more about the program, find out about the application, short-listing and selection process, and will be able to raise any questions or concerns. It's a requirement that AND meets applicants before you’re put forward to the participating organisations. After this, if you're shortlisted, it's the responsibility of the employer to contact you. If you're unsuccessful, we will get back to you once applications for all internships have closed.

I'm an international student. Can I apply for an internship?

This will depend on the internship that you're applying for. Many internships require applicants to have permanent residency or citizenship. But, some employers will accept applications from students with international working rights. You'll be required to provide a current Visa Entitlement Verification Online form when applying for positions. Please check the eligibility criteria for each internship before submitting an application.

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