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Information for employers

Stepping Into is a national initiative that introduces skilled and talented university students with disability to your business. It's a talent pipeline that will support you to cultivate an inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

Managers and supervisors who have taken part in the program are impressed by the high calibre of the students and tell us that the program supports their colleagues to improve their disability confidence. 

Engaging with the Stepping Into program is simple. AND coordinates attracting talented students, assessing eligibility, managing student and workplace briefings as well as the evaluation process and feedback.

When you start to build relationships with talented candidates with disability, you'll discover there's a strong business case for workplace inclusion.

Business benefits

  • Increase your disability confidence by working alongside people with disability.
  • Be an employer of choice for people with disability.
  • Grow a diverse and inclusive workforce to support innovation and change.
  • Studies show employees with disability have fewer scheduled absences than employees without disability, as well as increased tenure.
  • Gain customer loyalty[1].
  • Strengthen workplace morale and productivity.

Download our Stepping Into for Members brochure here.

Find out more

The Stepping Into winter program (July 17) is open for employersto participate. 

For more information, or to register your interest for our summer program (January 2018) please contact Stephanie Littlewood, Programs Manager on 02 8270 9240 or .

[1] According to a University of Massachusetts survey, 92% of the American public view companies that hire people with disability more favourably than those that do not. 87% of the public also agree that they would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disability.