Stepping Into Internships

Graduate research tells us that tertiary students with disability find it more difficult to secure employment opportunities after graduation.  

56 per cent of students with disability report being in full time employment, four months after completion. That’s over 18 per cent lower than the average statistic for all graduates (69%).

AND’s Stepping Into Internships program is a paid internship scheme that matches talented university students with disability with roles in leading Australian businesses. 

For students, it's a chance to gain vital work experience during study. For businesses it's a talent pipeline that helps cultivate an inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

Engaging with the Stepping Into Internships program is simple. AND coordinates attracting talented students, assessing eligibility, managing student and workplace briefings as well as the evaluation process and feedback.

How it works

  • Placements are for a minimum 152 hours, which can be worked as a four week block or flexibly across a semester concurrent with studies. The attendance format is negotiated between student and supervisor.
  • Stepping Into Internships can be hosted at an organisation’s head office, regional or other location that gives students a chance to experience a range of tasks and project challenges, commensurate with their study and interests. 
  • Each candidate’s eligibility for the Stepping Into Internship program is verified by AND. We also guide you on adjustments that will facilitate successful business outcomes.
  • It's important to note that we won't share the nature of a student’s disability with the host organisation.