The Australian Network on Disability periodically conducts surveys to explore the needs of people with disability and carers about their experiences as customers, employees and stakeholders.

We usually conduct these surveys on behalf of our member organisations, in order to assist them to identify barriers that exist. These barriers may be physical, but can also relate to processes, procedures, attitudes or technologies that don’t provide equal access to all people.

After gathering the survey responses, we only ever provide summarised data to the participating member organisation. We never include any personal information about our survey participants, and we do not request financial information such as bank account details. 

Our focus is to identify the impact of barriers on customers with disability, so that we can work with our member organisations to implement solutions. Our overarching goal is our belief that people with disability should be able to access and consume goods and services on an equal footing with the wider community.

If you would like to work with the Australian Network on Disability to conduct a survey, please contact us.